Ensemble Florilegium Vocis

FLORILEGIUM VOCIS Vocal ensemble, a Group of Young singers for the Italian Baroque Music.

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“Florilegium Vocis” vocal ensemble was established in 2000 for the purpose to create and produce cultural and music activities in Puglia region (located in Southern Italy), with particular reference to choral music.
It was founded with the prime intention to study and deepen the choral repertoire of different historic periods, ranging from Early to Contemporary music, by dedicating itself to the collaboration with other music groups and to the production of music projects and events.
Together with singers and choristers of the highest level, coming from all regions of Italy, the group performs different music genres of the historic and contemporary choral repertoire in various squads. The vocal ensemble worked together with the main music institutions of Puglia region, participating in the most important Italian festivals.
From the beginning of its foundation, it has committed itself to the musicological research and production of unpublished sacred and profane works dating back the Baroque and Renaissance period of composers from Puglia region, by taking part in “Orfeo Futuro” project too.
Recently, the association has established the instrumental group Ensemble “Florilegium”, which is composed by young and talented musicians from Puglia region. They are often supported by nationally and internationally renowned players for the performance of simple and great Baroque works. The conductor since its founding is Sabino Manzo.

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"P. Cafaro - tristis est" - Ensemble Florilegium Vocis

"Gesualdo - Luci serene e chiare" - Ensemble Florilegium Vocis

"Gesualdo - Se la mia morte brami" - Florilegium Vocis

"Caligaverunt" - Florilegium Vocis

"Lux aurumque" - Ensemble vocale Florilegium Vocis