Ensemble Organum

Leading ensemble in early music society, Marcel Pérès approach, profoundly renewed the knowledge and way of interpretation of European's repertoires.

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Founded in 1982 by Marcel Pérès, the Ensemble Organum is consistently welcome as one of the leading ensembles in early music society. Their approach profoundly renewed our knowledge and the way of interpretation of the European repertoires that marked the evolution of music since the 6th century. The approach of the past, by rediscovering and updating ancient music is located in the heart of the significant sociocultural and spiritual currents of the modern world.

Initially established at the Sénanque Abbey, then in residence from 1984 to 2000 at the Royaumont Foundation, where Marcel Pérès founded the CERIMM (European Research Center for Medieval Music), the Organum Ensemble has been housed since 2001 in the former Abbey of Moissac to encourage a new research and teaching structure, the CIRMA (Itinerary Research Center for Early Music).

Numerous concerts and productions - more than 1300 performed Worldwide, in Europe, American continent, Africa and Middle East, more than forty recordings - most of which have received the highest honours: Diapason d'Or, Classical Awards, Choc de l'année of the Monde de la Musique, New York Times’ essential records of the 20th century - and frequent participation in radio and television programs, have allowed the Organum Ensemble to play a decisive role in the revival of ancient music. In 2000, the New York Times ranked the recording of "la Messe de Machaut" by Organum Ensemble as one of the 100 essential records that revolutionised 20th-century music.

Going beyond a simple auditory pleasure, the research programs are conceived from an interdisciplinary perspective in order to enlarge the fields of investigation and make music the key-tool in a reflexion on the history of mentalities. The Organum Ensemble wishes to invite researchers and audiences to a different approach to the past, by situating the rediscovery and current relevance of early music at the heart of the great sociocultural and spiritual trends of the contemporary world.

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