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Layale Chaker & Sarafand

Maré, Músicas e Artes atlánticas

The Gurdjieff Ensemble

The Gurdjieff Ensemble

The Gurdjieff Ensemble

Luanda S(o)un(d)rise


Introductions to the tools of web3

João Selva (Brazil/France)

North American Networking Session

WHY Portugal Networking Session

Creative Europe Networking Session

Labels Networking Session

Global Club Music Networking Session

Ivo Papasov (Bulgaria)

Aunty Rayzor (Nigeria)

Lia de Itamaracá (Brazil)

Luanda S(o)un(d)rise

The Desert Rocker

Seven Symphonies of Zagros

Rhythms of Lost Time

Panorama Yerevan – The Rock Edition

Orchestra From the Land of Silence