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Ernesto Nazareth
Ernesto Nazareth
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Ernesto Julio de Nazareth (March 20, 1863 February 5, 1934) was a Brazilian composer and pianist, especially noted for his creative Maxixe and Choro compositions. Influenced by African rhythms and many musical styles like the Lundu and the Choro,[1] he never fully accepted this influence, refusing to give popular names to his compositions.[2] A musician of classical training, he classified his music as "Brazilian tangos", since the Argentine tango and polka dances were considered fashionable at the time. His piano repertoire is now part of the teaching programs of both classical and popular styles, as Nazareth once served at the boundary between these two worlds. (Wikipedia)

AguaForte published "Todo Nazareth - Obras Completas", a collection of scores that reunites the entire work of the composer. The result of a long research, its considered the definitive edtion of the composer' score, and consists of 6 albums in one slip case, in a total of 1370 pages, English/Portuguese edition.

With a criterious musical review and standardization of his pieces, the edition has also chronology, iconography and the catalogue of Nazareth's work.