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Line up

  • Beto Montag (Vibraphone)
  • Daniel Xingu (Bass)
  • Nandinho Thomaz (Drums)
  • Rafael Martinez (Guitar)


Martinez is an electric jazz quartet from São Paulo, Brazil, with guitar, bass, drums, and a vibraphone modified with guitar effects. The group is well know for mixing rock, funk, soul and gipsy to their jazz, resulting in very original grooves and danceable tunes, with a very strong identity. All compositions are in charge of Rafael Martinez, whose written process is mainly inspired by São Paulo's nightlife.

The current Martinez lineup is working together since 2008 and is formed by Rafael Martinez, Daniel Xingu, Beto Montag and Nandinho Thomaz. The group has been had other lineups in its history, including one in Portugal and other in England when Rafael lived overseas.

Martinez is releasing in 2013 their new record, “50ºC”, in deluxe digipack CD and 180g vinyl LP.