Muzsikás: Fly Bird! (featuring Hanga Kacsó and István Berecz)

Muzsikas Flyer
Muzsikas feat Hanga Kacsó


Muzsikas featuring Hanga Kacsó at Müpa 2018 December
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Muzsikás: Röpülj, madár

A brand new concert
where ’the veteran masters’ and ’the rising stars’ of Hungarian traditional folk music and dance are entertaining.
We are all winners here either on the stage or in the audience...
Muzsikás is a team with a forty-five-year tradition, one of the most recognised folk groups in Hungary, they are winners of the prestigious WOMEX Award and the Hungarian State Award.
Hanga Kacsó and István Berecz are the next gen talents, the winners of the Hungarian competition (Fölszállott a páva) for the best folk singer and the best folk dancer organized by the national television channel.

About the programme:
This spectacular concert with an outstanding singer and a gifted dancer will give an outlook of the rich Hungarian traditions. The concert programme presents the most exciting elements of the Hungarian dance and vocal music of the Carpathian basin. The vocal performances is equally impressive in lyrical ballads or vivid dance songs. The program features the best folk dancer with virtuoso moves of the Hungarian traditions. As for the intruments, in addition to the classic combination of violin, viola and double bass, the following are also on stage: the old Hungarian short and long flutes, the mandolin, and three-pronged contra, which is played by hitting the strings with a special stick.

Festivals and venues already visited:
Ashkenaz, Toronto 2017
Enescu, Brasov 2017
Merode, Belgium 2017
Méra, Romania 2017
Sur Jahan, India 2018
EthnoPort, Poznan 2018
Ritmo, Budapest 2018
Taiwan World Music, Taipei 2018
Hong Kong 2018
Marocco 2018
Luzern, Switzerland 2019
Wiener Konzerthaus, Austria 2019
Krakow, Poland 2019
Forde Fest, Norway 2019
Berlin, Germany 2019
Rajasthan, India 2019
Teatro da Trindade, Lisboa 2019
Filharmonia Szczecin & Warsava, Poland 2019

’I was outshone by Muzsikas’s own dancer, István Berecz, leaping athletically on stage. But it wasn’t all about the quality of dancing, it was that the power of the music had driven the young woman, Rini, to overcome shyness and cultural conventions to ask a total stranger to dance. That’s the power of God-given music on occasions like this.’
About Sur Jahan Festival, India written by Simon Broughton Songlines 2018 May

’The reverend Muzsikás... were the fourth band of the party, sticking to their string instruments, and literally playing second fiddles to the dancers. It was very enjoyable, but it was their indoor concert-style set on the Friday that really astonished, as Muzsikás talked more intimately, unveiled their selection of unusual ’
About Ethno Port Poznan written by Martin Longley Songlines 2018 June
’Exquisite instrumentalists (the best violinist and bassist I've ever heard from folk musicians!) And colorful bassist commentaries, meant that there was no person in the Great Hall who would not smile, bewildered by the instrumentalists' universal beauty of the Transylvania tradition.’ About Ethno Port Poznan Katarzyna Nowicka Kultura Poznan 2018 July

’The amazing white voice of the singer subtly dialoged with the accompaniment of the band, which for a moment became just an amazing background. It is this young girl who has conquered all hearts with naturalness, musical freedom and grace.’
About Ethno Port Poznan Katarzyna Nowicka Kultura Poznan 2018 July

’ And although for me it was the greatest adornment of Muzsikás, among the audience, a sensation was made by a dancer who showed off his dancing skills: jumping, whirling or dancing at the tap.’
About Ethno Port Poznan Katarzyna Nowicka Kultura Poznan 2018 July

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