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The group Romengo represents a new Sound of Eastern European Gypsy music!

Leading vocalist of the band, Monika Lakatos is already well-known in Hungary, where she is considered to be one of the most powerful, soulful and authentic gypsy singers. She comes into the international musical world with own compositions of Romengo, as well as songs handed down generation to generation by his Olah gypsy family.

Traditionally accompanied by archaic rhythm “instruments”, such as the tin can and wooden spoons, theses songs are pieced together with accompaniment of the guitar and the double bass and with the melodies of the violin.

The result is a unique sounding which is not only a true testimony of the vitality and dynamism of the Olah Gypsy heritage but also shows the innovative inspiration, the festive and gathering music of Romengo.


Mónika Lakatos – voice, dance

Mihály “Mazsi” Rostás – Voice, guitar, oral bass

János “Guszti” Lakatos – Can, oral bass, dance

Misi Kovács – violin

Csaba Novák – Double bass

+ dancers (on request)

Mihály Rosonczy-Kovács

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