Duo Desvio


Recorded with the Ouro Preto´s Orchestra
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Line up

  • Leonardo Gorosito (percussion)
  • Rafael Alberto (percussion)


The story of DESVIO goes back to 2005, the year the musicians met and started a work of experimentation. However, the duo became official only in 2010, when Leonardo and Rafael, then residing in the United States, decided to formalize the partnership.

At the core of the duo's identity is the combination of Brazilian rhythms and formal scholarly thinking. The fusion of these two elements, added to the different formations of the musicians, composes a unique and peculiar sonority. In the repertoire, a mix of pieces of writing and composers that line the thought of DEVIOUS. Currently the duo has two shows: Cancioneiro, C'alma and Miniatures.

DEVIO is a concept. A word also formed by the syllables contained in Deconstruction of the obvious. Certainly, a brand made for the duo