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Brazilian music is one of the most precious in the world. There are over 400 cataloged rhythms! An impressive diversity that is not justified only by Brazil’s continental dimensions, but also by the encounter among different
peoples that has taken place here, resulting in this valuable culture, respected throughout the world!
All this original literature for bands present in municipalities throughout Brazil. An unparalleled concert music production throughout Latin America.
And it is from this Brazilian cultural melting pot that Tom Jobim, Vinicius de Moraes, Milton Nascimento, Elis Regina, Carmem Miranda, Zequinha de Abreu, Pixinguinha, Villa-Lobos, Egberto Gismonti, Ivan Lins, Francis and Olivia
Hime, Hermeto Pascoal, Spok, Chico Science, Ginga, in short, a multitude of names, emerged, crossed borders and conquered the world!
On the other hand, I remember that, when I was studying for a master's degree at Codarts University in Rotterdam, I could see the difficulties students from various countries had when they tried to get access to Brazilian music scores.
I myself experienced this same adventure when I searched for the score of Edu Lobo's beautiful Viola Fora de Moda for a singing student friend, who was supposed to participate in a course activity in which I would play the piano.
At that moment I thought, "Why don’t we have easy access to a songbook or the necessary information to get scores of one of the most played songs in the world?"
This happened in 2011 and it motivated me to set up a Choro group in Holland, in which I was the only Brazilian: the trombonist was Icelandic; the cavaquinho players, Finnish and Dutch; the guitarist, Argentinian; the percussionist, German...
And all eager to learn more and more about Brazilian music! Time went by and, when I became the head of FUNARTE’s Music Center (CEMUS), I remembered that experience
with foreign musicians and understood that the time had come to, with the support of the Brazilian Foreign Relations ministry, make an online songbook with free access, so that all our embassies and consulates could disseminate our music, providing a link to students from schools and conservatories around the world!
The dream now becomes real! And to prepare FUNARTE's online International Songbook, I invited a first-rate team, such as guitarist and arranger Paulo Aragão, professor and band expert Marcelo Jardim, experienced editor Ricardo Gilly, producer Alexandre Raine, and my CEMUS fellows: José Schiller, Leila Dantas and Rosana Lemos.
I think of this initiative as a beginning, not only of mapping and availability, but also of promotion of Brazilian music abroad by means of the scores now available and partnerships with institutions, publishers and composers, which are fundamental in this process.
Now it’s up to you, students, musicians and lovers of our rich and diverse music! Enjoy! Whatever your preferencemay
be, from music bands to contagious rhythms; from concert music to soundtracks, play and spread Brazilian music!
Immerse yourselves in this myriad of tropical musical flavors!
We thank all those who believed in the project and gratuitously authorized the publication of their scores in our online International Songbook. May it have a long life so that our music can also be the music of all peoples!

Marcos Souza
Director - Cemus/Funarte/Minc

article posted by:Marcos Souza, Funarte / Brazil Ministry of Culture