Fundacion Bolivar Davivienda

One of the major cultural and social development actors in Colombia, the foundation has created in 2010 the Filarmónica Joven de Colombia.

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More than 75 years of experience and support from the Bolívar Business Group has enabled our foundation to expand its horizons and to provide the trust that has distinguished our organization throughout Colombia with our wide array of programs.

Our mission is to support and promote life-changing and high-impact projects that develop skills in individuals, communities and organizations in order to build a more just, innovative and equitable society.

Created in 2010, the Filarmónica Joven de Colombia has launched the musical careers of more than 400 young musicians who have achieved their dreams of showcasing their talent by being part of one of the best symphonic youth orchestras. The pride that their country has for this orchestra motivates these young musicians to continue forward with their careers.

The Filarmónica Joven de Colombia partners with multiple national and international institutes. Thanks to its partnership with the YOA (Orchestra of America), the orchestra maintains a strong bond with teachers from the University of Minnesota, the University of Kansas, Ball State University, the Minnesota Orchestra, and the New York Metropolitan Orchestra. Since 2014, the orchestra has developed important relationships with the Houston Symphony Orchestra, the Mahler Chamber Orchestra, the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, and the Escuela Superior de Música Reina Sofía in Madrid (with whom the orchestra participates in an exchange program agreement).



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