"El caminante" - Odair Assad

Odair Assad

This album is an important event, made doubly so by the presence of four first recordings, including a new sonata by Leo Brouwer. Odair Assad is not only a very musical but also a supremely virtuosic player, able to unravel complex textures effortlessly and with the facility to unleash cascades of notes when necessary. There are treasures on this album to put all of this into good use.

E un CD altamente raccomandabile non soltanto per la qualità dei pezzi incisi, ma per la lezione di musica che Odair ci dà (…) una Grande Anima.
Il Fronimo

This is a disc you will find yourself listening to over and over again, because there is always more to find from the fingers of Odair Assad.
Minor 7th

Kongenial ist die Interpretation Assads ( Leo Brouwers "Sonata del caminante") und wer sich in Zukunft an die Sonate herantraut, wird sich an dieser Einspielung zu messen haben. Zu keiner Zeit verliert der Solist die Kontrolle über die Musik, meistert auch Höchstschwierigkeiten und behält dabei mit souveräner Gelassenheit stets den weltberühmten Assad-Klang."
Akustik Gitarre

La rondeur du son, la douceur et la retenue du phrasé se mélangent à l’énergie et à la virtuosité.
Guitare classique

Un’ora di ottima musica in cui riecheggiano le reminiscenze popolari trattate in modo sublime.