Marc Anedreae

Marc Anedreae
Marc Andreae Conductor and Grand Son of Volkmar Andreae
Volkmar Andreae Composer and Conductor


Composed at the age of 19
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  • country:Switzerland
  • style(s):Romantic Period
  • label:Marc Andreae
  • type:Symphony Orchestra
  • artist submitted by:Guild GmbH

Line up

  • Marc Andreae  (Conductor)
  • Volkmar Andreae (Composer and Conductor)


Marc Andreae is a conductor in his own right and conducts the compositions by his grand father the great Swiss Composer and conductor Volkmar Andreae. Volkmar Andreae conducted the Tonhalle Orchestra Zurich for over 40 years.
All the works of Volkmar Andreae conducted by Marc Andreae with the Bornemouth symphony Orchestra are Prèmiere Recordings.