"Orchestral Masterworks from Switzerland" - Othmar Schoeck, Ernst Widmer, Adolf Brunner

  • artist:
    Othmar Schoeck, Ernst Widmer, Adolf Brunner
  • featured artist:
    Royal Scottish National Orchestra, Rainer Held (conductor)
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  • style(s):
    • Classical Music
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    United Kingdom
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    • CD (Compact Disc)
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This CD, with four world premiere releases, offers a representative slice of 20th-century Swiss music, ranging from Othmar Schoeck’s late-Romanticism via the neoclassicism of Adolf Brunner to the Modernism of Ernst Widmer. Nearly fifty years separate Schoeck’s first and last major orchestral works, recorded here – but his commitment to the German Romantic tradition remains undimmed. Brunner’s neoclassical Partita betrays the influence of Hindemith, but has a Brahmsian meatiness to its piano part, while Widmer’s influences in his exuberant concerto range from Bartók to Brazilian street music.


Othmar Schoeck, Ernst Widmer, Adolf Brunner


Front Cover of GMCD 7403 Inlay for GMCD 7403

Track List


Overture to William Ratcliff Op.29


concerto for piano, percussion and orchestra Op.160 - II. heiter/Sereno


Partita for piano and orchestra - I. Maestoso-Allegro

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