"GLCD 5215 The Golden Age of Light Music - Song Of The West" - Various

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The Golden Age of Light Music - Light and Latin


Song Of The Wild West
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  • artist:Various
  • featured artist:Various
  • release year:2014
  • country:United Kingdom
  • formats:CD (Compact Disc),
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The American West (often referred to as the ‘Wild West’) has been a fertile source of inspiration for authors and composers, often painting a rosy glow that was far removed from reality. The original settlers must have been a hardy bunch, given the unknown challenges they faced, especially the rugged territory and the fact that there were already people living there who understandably disliked being removed from their traditional lands. A vast body of music has emerged, sometimes based on traditional airs of those involved, but also the imagination of the tunesmiths in Tin Pan Alley. This collection draws on both sources, and it also features some of the tone poems created by orchestral writers who developed a love for ‘the great outdoors’. The title of the collection comes from a major work by Billy Vaughn which captures the feelings possessed by many. Other notable composers include Robert Farnon, Richard Rodgers, Trevor Duncan, Dimitri Tiomkin and Victor Young – the latter two illustrating the love affair that movies have always had with the Wild West.