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Hakk- (Hakgwai) a Hong Kong musician. An experienced concert performer in various types of music concerts supervised/ designed of and performed in music theater and have been keen on indigenous musical instrument education.

Hakk is dedicated to promoting activities tackle with the modern citizens worsening mental health problems. Influenced by Handpan from Swiss and Didgeridoo from Australian Aboriginal, Black discovered that there is interrelation between breathing, music, and meditation. Hakm started to design a set of ‘ musical meditation’ which allows participants to comprehend by using modern language. This ‘meditation ‘goes beyond the religious boundary and works with people of all ages. Through some simple games with Handpan and Digeridoo, participants are able to use their voice and breathing to perform. Participants are expected to achieve self-assurance, gratitude, appreciation of life, improvement of concentration and metabolism and relaxation of minds and bodies.

Invited to join the team's spiritual musician by Anna Forrest, the founder of the internationally Yoga Reiki Instructor "Forrest Yoga", participated in the Hong Kong Asian Yoga Conference 2018. Also cooperated with different yoga groups like international Yoga Party DayBreaker Hong Kong Station, international sound therapy master Don Conreaux (Yogi Bhajan certified 1969 in the world, the five Kundalini Yoga teachers) , local sound therapy and music Zen. Hakk loves to share and attend different occasion to promote the benefits of music meditation, such as: Yale University(U.S.), Kyoto Wat Rongji Temple(Japan), Mouth harp Festival(India), Taiwan, Malaysia, South Korea, Hong Kong Fringe Club, Hong Kong University, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, City University of Hong Kong and more than 50 local primary, secondary schools.

Hakk is good at using ethnic musical instruments from all over the world, such as Australian Dipgeridoo, Handpan, Beatboxing, Mongolian throat singing, Mongolian horse head fiddle, Chinese two string fiddle (Erhu), Chinese lute (Pipa), Chinese zither (Guzheng), Chinese flute, Yunnan WuLoSi, West African Asalato, African drum Djembe, the Himalaya singing bowl, Vietnamese mouth harp and many other traditional musical instruments, specializes in solo performance with the modern electronic effects Boss RC30 looper combined with electronic style of the above ancient traditional instruments.

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