Harmonia Classica

Since 1982 concerts with harmonic music, 150 contemporary composers,Harmonia Classica Records-34 different CDs, own newspaper, competitions

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The Harmonia Classica, the association for harmonic music, has the goal to perform also pieces of living composers who write in a classical style. Beauty is the common denominator which determines the selection of the compositions. "The beautiful is a manifestation of secret natural laws which would have been hidden without that appearance (Goethe)", but to renounce to that would be an impoverishment of the music culture.
Who is Harmonia? That is no spelling mistake, it shall not mean harmonica, but Harmonia, the patroness of the muses. Her mother is the feminine, attactive and enchanting Roman Venus or Greece Aphrodite, the godess of beauty, grace and love, and of the ecstatic coalescence, her father the manly, repelling, frightening, limit setting Roman Mars or Greece Ares, the prolificly disseminating god of the origin, of the shaping, of fighting and of the disparting of the contrasts.
Both poles she has happily - that means: balanced - united in herself, because of this there is the attribute „classica“, because classical is characterized by that balance of different factors. Without Harmonia, the perfect union of contrasts, the muses are in danger and cannot develop their beneficial influence, which can be recognized on some one-sided fine-art attempts. No so called spirit of the age progress is the goal, but the production of the over-temporal power of art, that can give joy to the people of many ages.

The Harmonia Classica organizes concerts with harmonic music in selected halls with brilliant musicans and with regular communication with the media and also with the own newspaper it brings the works of the composers to the public attention.

The Harmonia Classica exists since 1982 and has already performed pieces of about 150 contemporary composers in 140 concerts. The Harmonia Classica has also an own CD-label, called Harmonia Classica Records with 34 different CDs, also on iTunes, Amazon .... and organized until now 8 competitions for composers.

Would you like that classical music lives on ?
Would you like concerts without noise and boredom ?
Become a member !
Annual membership:
24 Euro – supporting member (10 % reduction on all tickets and CDs)
220 Euro – promoting member (the same as above and naming in our newsletter and programms)
Patron / Sponsor: from 750 Euro
One year subscription for the Harmonia Classica Newspapers (German): 8 Euro
Enable performances of harmonic music !
Do you need a highlight for a cultural week or a festival ?
Do you search for something special for the anniversary of your company ?
Or do you like to arrange a house concert according to the good old Viennese tradition ?

The Harmonia Classica is at your disposal with the various instrumentations.
We organize for you concerts of living composers as well as programs mixed with old music.

For more information contact our management Mag. Eva-Maria Blechinger, Hirschfeldweg 5, 1130 Wien, Tel: 00431/804 61 68, Fax: 00431/802 01 13, harmoniaclassica@gmx.at, www.harmoniaclassica.at


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