"J.S. Bach - Concertos" - Ausonia

Front cover of the CD - J.S.Bach Concertos


J.S.Bach - Harpsichord concerto in d minor - bwv 1052 - Allegro
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  • artist:Ausonia
  • release year:2016
  • style(s):Baroque
  • country:France
  • formats:CD (Compact Disc),
  • record submitted by:Hitasura Productions
  • label:Hitasura Productions
  • publisher:Hitasura Productions


"Bach’s harpsichord and violin concertos occupy a unique place amongst the most miraculous pearls of the Baroque repertoire. Vitality, lyricism, complexity and freshness, intensity and lightness, eloquence, captivating textures and colours... it’s all there. An unfailing pleasure to be shared by performers and audience alike".

Frédérick Haas

For the last twenty years, Frédérick Haas, Mira Glodeanu and Ausonia have been involved with J.S. Bach’s Concertos. Here, nally, is their long-awaited, impassioned and poignant recording, which is Hitasura Productions’ 1rst.