Heritage \Ժառանգութիւն jarankutyun

Heritage \Ժառանգութիւն jarankutyun
Heritage album cover
Heritage Ilda Simonian Album Affische
ilda Simonian


ancient Armenian love song
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  • country:Armenia
  • style(s):Armenian, Classical Music
  • label:Ilda Simonian/ Audiomaze
  • type:Solo, Quartet
  • gender:female
  • instrumentation:vocal, string, woodwind
  • artist posted by:Ilda Simonian

Line up

  • Artashes Melikyan  (1 viool)
  • Ilda Simonian (Vocal)
  • Narek Sahakyan (2 viool)
  • Norayr Gapoyan (Duduk)
  • Vahe Barkhudaryan  (Altviool)
  • Vahe Danielyan (Cello)



In Heritage I have recorded 12 armenian works, remaining faithful to their origin, compiled by Soghomon Soghomonyan (1869-1936), known as Bishop Gomidas (also spelled Komitas), with string quartet as well as the duduk -an ancient Armenian double reed woodwind instrument made of apricot wood.

I am grateful to Gomidas, born in Kutahya, for his contributions to Armenian music to reach out to my roots today in its pure form and for being a bridge for me to reach out to my roots by leaving this legacy.

I made my own songbook consisting of Armenian songs named “My Armenian Songs” in my first album Hedker -namely Traces. In my second album called Heritage I have recorded 12 works with various contents compiled by Bishop Gomidas, delving into them more profoundly and working on them with a great care.

This album covers themes that I can’t do without such as love, longing for beloved and unfulfilled love, living in places away from where one was born, immigration and homesickness, village life, and songs of nature.