Nuba of Gold and Light

IMZ World Music Film Screenings

Original Title: Nûba d'or et de lumière

Genre Documentary | Production Company Ohra (France) | Co-Production Company 2m- Soread; Sigma (Morocco) | Associated Production Company Sigma (Morocco) | TV Director Izza Génini | Camera Jean-Jacques Mrejen | Editor Abderrahim Mettour | Author Izza Génini | Source video/audio DigiBeta/Dolby surround 5.1 | Recorded Morocco, Spain, Paris, 2007 | Duration 78' 20"

Nuba of Gold and Light tells the story of a music. The Arab Andalusian music, with Nuba as its symphony... As a musical tree, its branches are nourished by the sap flowing since fourteen centuries from Morocco’s most remote areas and currents coming from Arabia, grew in the courts of the Andalusian Caliphs, gained strenght in medieval Spain, mingled with the songs of the troubadours and the Sephardim, before being replanted in the Maghreb and flourishing further into Morocco under the name of el Ala.