Inandout Distribution GmbH

I-Distribution seeks buying and selling opportunities for regular catalogues and overstocks in any format and any language.

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I-Distribution was founded in February 2006 and has
become the leading wholesaler for music products in
Austria since then.
I-Distribution is a division of Inandout Distribution
GmbH, which is also known as Inandout Records,
founded in 1996.
I-Distribution is the result of 13 years of experience in
international music business.
Within 3 years I-Distribution is serving more than 400
customers like retail stores, wholesalers, mail order
companies and chain outlets worldwide.
I-Distribution offers lowest prices for mid-price
catalogues from Sony, EMI, Universal and Warner. We
are also offering great deals on new releases for most
major label releases.
I-Distribution is also a specialist in overstock deals and
label deletions.
By the way, we are Austria's biggest overstock and
deletion buyer for music in any format!
If you are interested in stocked products, I-Distribution
is the right company for your needs. We always carry
more than 20.000 SKU's in stock. Your orders are
processed the same day and our stocked items leave
the warehouse at the same day, too.

Fair objectives:

I-Distribution seeks buyers from retail stores,
wholesalers, mail order companies, chain outlets and
other buying organizations.
Your company has CDs, Vinyl, DVDs or other finished
products to sell? You are offering overstocks, label
deletions, inventory closeouts .? Just send us an
email with your offer and we will sell it or buy in bulk.
Products in any language format are welcome, as we
are selling throughout the world.


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