Institut Ramon Llull

The Institut Ramon Llull's mission is to promote Catalan language and culture internationally, in all of its variations and methods of expression.

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The Department of Artistic Creation’s aim is to increase awareness about the work of Catalan artists and performers.This is carried out by encouraging a Catalan presence on the international stage, providing financial support to artists and specific works to facilitate travel abroad, and furnishing information and orientation about Catalonia’s rich artistic heritage and current art scene.The Department of Artistic Creation handles, music, performing arts, visual arts, cinema, architecture and design.
To meet these objectives, the Department of Artistic Creation organises cultural shows on an international level, activities to promote the arts and guarantees support to those in the arts who are working towards placing Catalan creativity on an international level.
Developing awareness of Catalan cultural production The Institut Ramon Llull seeks to develop awareness of Catalan artistic production by facilitating its exposure abroad. This accessibility is acheived by encouraging artists to participate in the most important international events and festivals, informing and advising international event programmers as to Catalonia’s artistic offering and supporting the internationalisation of Catalan cultural production.
Travel Grant for Artists/Performers Grant for travel outside of Catalonia in order to to enact performances of music, theatre, dance and the visual arts.


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