Instituto Beatriz e Lauro Fiúza - IBLF

IBLF aims to create opportunities for children and adolescents living in areas of high vulnerability in Brazil, through music education and karate.

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Through music education we unite reason and feeling, sensitizing the bodies and minds of our pupils, impelling them to think critically and to interfere in the world in which they live, transforming their perspectives and forming autonomous citizens who are protagonists of their own lives.

IBLF is commitment to contribute to the development of children and adolescents in areas of high social vulnerability in Fortaleza, promoting music, karate and human development as tools for mobilizing socio-cultural changes. Altogether, 600 students aged between 4 and 20 years old are benefitted. All actions are carried out free of charge to the public.

The Institute's programs are held in three neighborhoods of Fortaleza, serving 400 students through the Jacques Klein Music Program and 200 through the Bushi No Te Karate Program. All students and their families are accompanied by the interdisciplinary team of the Human Development Involvement Program, formed by professionals and students of pedagogy, psychology, social service and special education, with the objective of helping them overcome the barriers which link them to social inequality, transforming their realities.

The Jacques Klein Music Program carries out excellent musical training for children and adolescents. In 2016, the Program served 400 students between 7 and 20 years old, consolidating our goal for this year. The musical formation works as an ally in the basic formative process. Courses of musical initiation, violin, viola, cello, contrabass, piano, guitar and choral singing are offered. There is also a choral group for adults at the headquarters and at Nucleus Casa José de Alencar, which aim to welcome the students´ families who wish to learn music. Thus, it´s possible to integrate them also into the work of the Institute. In 2016, the Program team dedicated itself to evaluating, adapting and collectively systematizing the PMJK's complete methodology, which will be launched together with the 2nd edition of the didactic support material in 2017. Concerts were also promoted, projects for the diffusion of classical music around Fortaleza neighborhoods and meetings, involving the entire society and impacting thousands of people in our state.

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