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The International Artist Managers' Association (IAMA) - is the only worldwide association for classical music artist managements.

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The International Artist Managers' Association (IAMA) - is the only worldwide association for classical music artist managements. It is dedicated to serving all its members' needs including Affiliate and Group members and it strives to raise professional standards in the business of music.

What membership services are offered?

Standard services include those you would expect of an international professional association: International tax and legal helplines, work permits, regular newsletters, an international mediation & arbitration scheme, an international watchlist, discount schemes for publications and world meetings, seminars, social functions, trade missions, an international young artist programme and access to a team of dedicated staff.

Who should belong and why?

If your company is serious about the music business, then you need to belong to a supportive and effective association to assist your plans. IAMA has doubled its membership over the last five years including those in artist management as Full members and those as Affiliate members such as orchestras, festivals, PR, travel and publishing. It is an organisation that promotes opportunities for members to meet in many countries including its international conference which is presented every April. By joining, you help a wider community to become more effective.

What is CMA?

This is a term that describes one of the most valuable professional tools to artist managements and promoters. "Classical Music Artists - Who Represents Whom" is a joint directory with the Association Européenne des Agents Artistiques since 1999. It is a dynamic, interactive international database monitored regularly for security of exclusive artist representation. It is a reliable and comprehensive resource with over 8500 listings. It is published on-line:


Please visit our website to find out more about becoming a member.


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