Jago Thornton (Classical:NEXT 2018 Fellow - Codarts)

Jago energetically clashes aesthetic systems, electronics and free improvisation. His compositions derive from sonic objects and extended techniques.

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Theory; philosophy; jazz piano; (music for) theatre; musicology; free improvisation; live electronics (supercollider!); extended techniques; saxophone; graphic scores; spectral music; choral singing; sound design; history; outer space; physics; visual art; maths; photography and whatever holds it all together.

Jago is obsessively curious about (almost) everything. He delights in indulging in the resonances between disciplines and, musically, between sounds. His starting point is always “what would excite me—if I was listening, what sounds would set my mind on fire?”. The result is (he hopes) a rich, sensuous experience for the listener. Jago is open to collaboration in any project where music or sound is required, and will always bring a sensitive engagement with other artists, as well as the technique and vision to make a success.

Jago is currently studying for his Masters in Codarts under Robin de Raaff. Jago graduated from the University of Cambridge with an award-winning double-first in music, where he studied composition with Christian Mason. He was elected a foundation scholar at Pembroke College, Cambridge where he was also awarded the Hanson prize for excellence in the arts. He won the Cambridge University Composer’s workshop in 2017. His music has been played by the Britten Sinfonia, BCMG, and Doelen Kwartet (for their 25 year anniversary) as well as at the Doelen's 'Red Sofa' series, Cambridge Spring Music Festival, Edinburgh International Festival (where he also worked as a theatrical musician-performer) and on numerous other occasions.


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  • Classical:NEXT 2018


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