Kathleen Tagg & Andre Petersen

Kathleen Tagg & Andre Petersen
credits Colette Y. Benjamin
credits Colette Y. Benjamin
credits Colette Y. Benjamin


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  • country:South Africa
  • style(s):Jazz, South African
  • label:Table Pounding Records
  • type:Duo
  • instrumentation:piano
  • artist posted by:Kathleen Tagg

Line up

  • Andre Petersen (Piano)
  • Kathleen Tagg (Piano)


The Kathleen Tagg/Andre Petersen Piano Duo brings together two of South Africa's most celebrated pianists: one eclectic-experimental classical and one jazz artist, in a unique and highly personal collaboration.

Drawing from the rich sonic tapestries of classical music, nuances of South African jazz and traditional musics from sub-Saharan Africa, this duo explodes the concept of what 2 pianos can sound like: a bass guitar, goema drum, marimba and uhadi- plus mixing fully composed scores with improvisation in a bold, vital and highly entertaining mix with performances of original compositions and works by iconic South African jazz composers such as Abdullah Ibrahim, Bheki Mseleku and Moses Molelekwa.

Tagg and Petersen explore diverse realms of possibilities within the sound world of the piano and their musical offerings pay tribute to the poignant legacy of people who have inspired their world-view and music making.

" An open-minded mix of traditions, and the bravura technique they also share. The results are reflective and exuberant, by turns, and enormously enjoyable throughout."
- Jon Turney, London Jazz Times

​“Petersen and Tagg impress with their commanding opening flourishes where Petersen develops dramatic Intensity... offset against Tagg's sonic additions that invoke the sounds and smells of Africa."
- Cue Magazine

"Watching two of South Africa’s most celebrated pianists perform alongside each other on grand pianos and experiencing how they interact with one another and their instruments is breathtaking in itself. The passion and joy that both these pianists so obviously feel for their music and the piano was conveyed to every person in the audience... there was no doubt that we were in the presence of musical genius...Two greatly creative minds playing with an object they love was exactly what we witnessed. Where worlds collided, something exceptional was born."​
​-What's On in Cape Town


Kathleen Tagg & Andre Petersen