Le Vent du Nord International virtual tour

Live from Joliette (Quebec) to...


Extrait CD TERRITOIRES (2019)
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This virtual performance by the band, streaming live from Canada, will use high definition cameras giving up close and personal shots, and professional sound design for an optimum listening experience.

NOV 6:
• The Met, Manchester UK
• More Music, UK
• Dana Center, Manchester USA

NOV 12 ( USA):
• Old Town School, Chicago, IL
• The Iron Horse, Northampton
• Isis Music Hall, Asheville, NC
• The Ark, Ann Arbor, MI
• Old Songs, Albany, NY
• Institute Musical Tradition, DC
• Peterborough Folk Society, NH
• Calliope House, Pittsburgh, PA
• One Longfellow, Portland, ME
• New York Folk Society, NY
• Thrasher Opera House, Green Lake, WI


article posted by:Geneviève Nadeau, La Compagnie du Nord