Latvian Music Information Centre

The LMIC's focus of activity is Latvian contemporary and classical music, composers, performers, concert organisers and devotees.

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The Centre's goals are:
- to popularise and promote Latvian music,
- to collate and disseminate information about it, within and outside Latvia,
- to coordinate Latvian music activities with all the organisations involved,
- to facilitate Latvia's involvement in the international music scene,
- to promote the performance and publishing of Latvian music.

The LMIC provides information not only on Latvian composers and their works, but also on the Latvian music scene - concerts, festivals, competitions and music institutions. The Centre facilitates contacts between foreign and Latvian music institutions, composers, performing artists, music publishers and the media. The LMIC takes care of Latvia’s representation at international music exhibitions and fairs, publishes CDs and informative materials.



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