Les Lunaisiens

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It is from a dream that men finally walked on the moon …
The dream of the Lunaisiens is a singing one, in which names of Béranger, Pitou, Ladré or even the terrifying Lacenaire rub shoulders and carry us to a musical world to rediscover. Those lyricists, writers, polemicists are our Brel, Brassens and our Ferré. They are witnesses of a time when singing was already a lyrical, popular, social, free and vibrant art. Born out of the meeting of specialized instrumentalists, the Clique des Lunaisiens is formed around the baritone Arnaud Marzorati. It comes back to the origins of French music, the one which tells a story we imagine distant while it is often a highly topical theme, an after all timeless pertinence.

From pianoforte to romantic piano by way of hurdy gurdy, violin, bassoon, flageolet, viol, cello, guitars, lutes, accordion, percussions but also a whole rang of singers, the Clique ventures with passion and mastery into this historical and literary repertoire so rich and instructive.

Singing or Time's tune

To sing the lyricists, writers and historians is to reopen one of the way leading us to our collective memory while humming the lyrics of the first “songs to texts”. It is to convince ourselves that French music is the guarantor of a beautiful language, like Nerval, Chateaubriand, Baudelaire or Verlaine are.
It is also to affirm that song is not an ephemeral art, only living time of its interpretation. It is the way to orality, which one feeds the City as well as the book. For Arnaud Marzorati and his Clique de Lunaisiens, song is a wonderful voice which brings universal messages.

A lyrical and popular art

It is at last to get out of traditional concerts and to feed individuals with an essential music that can bring a certain harmonization to society. Song, by calling out, brings us to think and to enjoy ourselves.


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