ELIZABETH SOMBART "Singing the Nocturnes"
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Released on January 6, 2022, SINGING THE NOCTURNES (Classica Records), the new album by Concert Piano Artist ELIZABETH SOMBART, with more than 4,000,000 listeners on Spotify is already in the international hit parade of Classical Music.

“In this album the piano turns into a wonderful voice in the hands of this incredible Piano Concert Artist who is already a legend of our days and frees himself in a vibration that enters directly into the depths of the listener’s soul”. FOX 43

“What I can declare and vehemently defend is that Sombart gives a convincing performance in each selection”. Chadwick Easton, MELODY MAKER MAGAZINE

“I would also suggest this song to introduce young listeners to classical music. It has moments of euphoria and rare beauty that pop music can never achieve. Young piano students, too, will find Sombart’s playing style inspiring”. Claire Uebelacker, BALLYHOO MAGAZINE

“Her recent releases focusing on Beethoven received fulsome critical response and it’s difficult to imagine many dissenting from this new work: SINGING THE NOCTURNES”. Troy Johnstone, OFFICIAL FAME MAGAZINE

“Elizabeth Sombart, among her many other fine attributes, has a passion for spreading the proverbial good word about classical music”. Zachary Rush, INDIE MUSIC REVIEWS

"Her ability for interjecting a poetic sensibility each step of the way through the Polish giant’s twenty one compositions (Nocturnes) testifies to her gifts for further elevating already outstanding compositions”. Zachary Rush, INDIE MUSIC REVIEWS

“Sombart hits the mark and then some, and I’m sure you’ll agree when listening to Singing the Nocturnes”. Rachel Townsend, THE SPOTTED CAT MAGAZINE

“I think that classical can be one of the most accessible genres in all of music next to pop when it’s played by someone with the kind of skillset that Elizabeth Sombart has in her new album Singing the Nocturnes”. Rachel Townsend, THE SPOTTED CAT MAGAZINE

“An erudite player like this one truly has everything in her control”. Heather Savage, TOP BUZZ MAGAZINE

“She really pushing away the mundanity of simply playing out the same notes in the same way they’ve always been arranged in Singing the Nocturnes, and while some might say that she’s being a little ambitious for the times, I think this is why a lot of critics – myself included – are falling in love with the work right now”. Heather Savage, TOP BUZZ MAGAZINE

“Elizabeth Sombart is an absolute gem”. Joshua Beach, BLACK BEARDS MUSIC REVIEWS

“Elizabeth Sombart has already proven to be a reliable recording artist in the past, but this is another case of her establishing dominance over her peers”. Skyler Voss, RAZOR FISHER REVIEWS

“Singing the Nocturnes is top to bottom brilliance. I’m very pleased with what I’ve heard here, and I think you will be too”. Levi Colston, CELEBRITY ZONES

“Elizabeth Sombart is blessed with the ability to bring works like the iconic “Nocturnes, Op. 9 No. 2” to life with a passionate vitality so rare in music of any genre”. Samuel Pratt, ENTERTAINMENT EYES

“Sombart’s passion is simply transcendent as she scales the mighty peaks of this composition, breathtakingly gathering momentum behind the melody before releasing us unto the abyss both cold and bitter as to what the future may hold. It’s emotive and powerful, and it expresses all of this without anyone uttering a single word”. Samuel Pratt, ENTERTAINMENT EYES

“The essence of love. The yearning of every day beauty. The desire to ignite an emotional attachment to another person or even to the surrounding world”. Jennifer Munoz, VENTS MAGAZINE

“Singing the Nocturnes is one of the finest classical albums I’ve heard in recent memory”. Michael Rand, MOBANGELES

“Elizabeth Sombart is performing a service bringing this music to the modern world and let’s hope it gets the hearing it deserves from the widest possible audience”. Michael Rand, MOBANGELES

“I can honestly say that without Sombart’s virtuosity, my candid appreciation for these songs wouldn’t be the same. She’s so well-deserving of all the accolades surely coming her way”. Garth Thomas, THE HOLLYWOOD DIGEST

“It has a near narrative quality as Sombart’s playing takes listeners through an early dark night of the soul, through an ultimately triumphant climax, and out the other side with immense sensitivity”. Jodi Marxbury, DAILY POP NEWS

“Elizabeth Sombart is, without question, one of the finest modern interpreters of classical music and his growing discography attests to her enduring power”. Jodi Marxbury, DAILY POP NEWS

“Pianist Elizabeth Sombart’s sterling reputation as a musician and interpreter of classical music’s greatest works makes her an ideal candidate for bringing Chopin to modern audiences”. Colin Jordan - Music critic, blogger and musicologist

“Few musicians can claim her training and background”. Colin Jordan - Music critic, blogger and musicologist

“I think it goes without saying that a lot of her peers could learn a thing or two from how she does business in this record. It’s a performance worthy of applause, and that’s why I think so many critics like this player”. Timothy Ball, SHOWBIZ NOW MAGAZINE

“Elizabeth Sombart has recorded another five-star effort in her impressive catalog of classical recordings and there’s no reason to not expect she will release equally outstanding efforts in the future”. Jamie Morse, BAND BLURB

“Sombart embarks on a sonic journey that many have challenged, but few can capture the ethos”. Claire Uebelacker, BALLYHOO MAGAZINE

“Chopin, through Sombart, orchestrates the mood of this piece in a masterful way that generates tension from the outset”. Clay Burton, IMAAI

“Her recorded work, however, has built the bulk of her reputation. There’s good reason for that. She has a significant discography in the rearview mirror and her most recent efforts revisiting Beethoven for modern audiences sets the stage for her latest collection”. Loretta Kim, FAMOUS AND MADE

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