On October 3rd 2021 the new album by ESENCIAL3io= will be released.

INVOCATION (Intuitive Live Global Music) by ESENCIAL3io=


from the new album by ESENCIAL3io=
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On October 3rd 2021 the new album entitled INVOCATION by ESENCIAL3io= will be released.

The journey into Intuitive Music of this truly unique trio continues: The Electronic Glocal Sounds of the world, the rhythms of tradition meet the ways of making music and the electronic sounds of the future.
An experience that connects us to the mystery of life.
A bridge between the empty infinity of this enchanting music and the unconscious of all of us.
A "cathartic experience" was defined by the music critics who attended the performances of ESENCIAL3io =

ESENCIAL3io= an incredibile experience for and with the audience.

“The adventure of a journey without the weight of luggage, free to change destination at any time, chasing the scent of essences”.

A one-of-a-kind adventure with musical notes that will be dictated by the audience.
An adventure that starts from the desire to meet, be together and make music, to return to the essence of living after this pandemic time.
This concert will be a unique and unrepeatable event, precisely because it will come out of the resonance with the people: a smile, a look, a movement, will be translated into Music that flows like a source directly from the heart.

a name that wants to express the fusion and interrelation of 3 personalities for a new way of telling and making music:
Marco Cappelli - guitars
Giovanni Imparato - percussions & voice
Louis Siciliano - synths, keyboards & electronica

"ESENCIAL3io= we are one, music and audience"
this is how the components of this trio tell each other, three acclaimed artists known all over the world who, starting from the center of the Mediterranean,
where they have their roots, will spread the musical essences coming from the most remote corners during their concerts which are a real Magic&Unique Experience.

article posted by:Louis Siciliano, Magic&Unique Group Ltd