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Making Waves brings together the work of Australian composers & performers with listeners in an online community hub & the Making Conversation Podcast

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Making Waves Mission Statement

The composing scene in Australia consists predominantly of independently operating freelancers, many of whom are in portfolio careers wearing multiple hats. In the online space we often set up individual personal websites, and various isolated means for sharing our own music with listeners in the online space, using a range of popular audiovisual platforms.

Making Waves seeks to bring together the work of composers, performers with listeners in an online community hub. We discover and use the best methods possible for sharing composed music via social media, and make it easy to listen, follow and engage with the music and social media accounts of composers and performers.

At the core of this discovery role is a monthly, hour-long online playlist of music by Australian composers, with a focus on early-career and independent artists. Since January 2015, the playlist has been co-curated by composers and MW partners Lisa Cheney (Melbourne) and Peggy Polias (Sydney), collecting over 24 hours of music by Australian composers in one place.

Alongside the playlists, Making Waves is giving greater voice to composers through content creation, such as the Making Conversation: Australian Composers Podcast, and mutually beneficial collaborations that extend composed music to a wider audience.

The Podcast

The Making Conversation: Australian Composers Podcast is a series of interviews with Australian composers around the country and internationally. Since July 2016, a team of 10 emerging music journalists have busily been recording and producing 30 episodes of this series. The Making Conversation launched on Friday 21 April 2017 and will run until Friday 11 November 2017. Listeners can expect to hear about: creative motivation, studying, working a portfolio career, juggling creativity with day jobs and parenting, technique, productivity, gender, growing up with music, and much more. The Making Conversation Podcast is proudly brought to you by Making Waves thanks to your generous crowdfunding support, and the support of Creative Partnerships Australia through their MATCH program 2016.

You can subscribe to the podcast via iTunes, or search for “Making Conversation” in your favourite Podcast/RSS service or app (eg Stitcher, Pocket Casts). Or copy and paste the following feed address:

You can also stay up-to-date with the project by subscribing to Making Waves email bulletins, and you will receive an alert for each new episode. You can read about the project in more detail at the following links:

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