Melech Mechaya

Line up

  • André Santos (Guitar)
  • Francisco Caiado (Percussion)
  • João da Graça (Violin)
  • João Sovina (Doublebass)
  • Miguel Veríssimo (Clarinete)
  • country:
  • region:
  • style(s):
    • Fado
    • Klezmer
  • label:
    Felmay srl
  • type:
    Band, Composer/Songwriter
  • instrumentation:
  • artist submitted by:

A festive trip, an infectious sound and groove that brings together a touch of Portuguese drama, Arabic scents, Gypsy rhythms and the most joyful and extrovert Klezmer tradition.

Melech Mechaya means in Hebrew "the party kings" and this name is not by chance. The band makes the public laugh, dance, sing and get amazed with a performance that combines a brilliant musical perfomance with the most enjoyable and humorous staging.

2013 has been, without any doubt, the year of the international consolidation of the Portuguese band Melech Mechaya, due to their regular presence at the stages throughout the whole Iberian Peninsula and their increasingly frequent concerts in other latitudes.

Thus, this year they have played widely in Portugal and Spain and have visited for the first time Sweden, Finland and Belgium, Brazil has hosted them for the second time, in November they play for the first time in Austria and for 2014 they have planned the premier in Germany and a tour in Belgium and some other great news will be announced in the coming months. Previously they've also played in Croatia and Cape Verde.

Melech Mechaya has given over 200 shows since mid-2007, and has played in referential festivals, like Rock in Rio Lisbon, Guimaraes European Capital of Culture, FMM Sines, Festival do Crato, Bons Sons, Avante... (Portugal); Sete Sois Sete Luas (Brazil & Cape Verde); World Village (Finland); Brosella Folk & Jazz (Belgium); Festival Internacional Folk Plasencia, Festival Internacional de Artes Escenicas de Castilla y Leon Facyl, Murcia Tres Culturas, Frigiliana Tres Culturas, Evoluciona Musica, Etnohelmantica... (Spain); Spancirfest (Croatia), etc.

Furthermore, in 2014 it will be released the next album of the band, their third album, after the previous, Budja Ba (2009), Aqui Em Baixo Tudo E Simples (2011), which features the fado singer Misia and the american trumpetist Frank London, from the Klezmatics (Grammy Award winners in 2006), and the homonymous EP that exposed them to the world in 2008.

The latest album was considered one of the best albums in Portugal, by Blitz magazine, and was distributed worldwide by the italian label Felmay.

In addition to their work in live shows and studio albums, Melech Mechaya made the musical direction and guest starred theatre plays, made soundtracks for short-films and had their music in tv shows and short-films, and produced their own videoclips, which were distinguished in several film festivals.


Melech Mechaya


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Chapéu Preto

Melech Mechaya (world edition, 2012)


Los Bentos

Melech Mechaya (world edition, 2012)


Gare No Oriente (featuring Mísia)

Melech Mechaya (world edition, 2012)


Caleidoscópio (featuring Frank London)

Melech Mechaya (world edition, 2012)


Freylach de Varsovia

Melech Mechaya (world edition, 2012)


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