live with frame drums


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  • country:Italy
  • style(s):Contemporary, Vocal
  • label:https://www.catalea.it/
  • type:Solo, Trio
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal, singer songwriter
  • artist posted by:Marsab Music Management

Line up

  • DAVIDE AMBROGIO (Voice, lyra, frame drums, live electronics)
  • WALTER LAURETI (Live electronics, keyboards)


Davide Ambrogio is a singer and multi-instrumentalist. After having won the Loano Giovani Prize and having achieved the Musica contro le Mafie and Ethnos Gener/Azioni as a soloist, he presents the debut album Evocazioni e Invocazioni.
Already included in the Transglobal Music Chart and in the World Music Chart Europe, the album was awarded by Songlines Magazine for the Top of The World Album in November 2021.

The album is the result of a work that recovers the multiple functions of singing, capable of translating a vocal expression linked to the Calabrian Aspromontana oral tradition into contemporary sound elements. Just as in the music of oral
tradition every song and every sound is manifested within a rite, each piece of the concert is linked to a specific function - from lullaby to protest song, from lament to conjuration.

In the live, the Calabrian artist builds an immersive show around the voice through the use of lyre, guitar with pencils, frame drum, zumpettana, bagpipe and live electronics. In the timbre, melodic and rhythmic research, the show tells an
intimate and current truth, capable of evoking different suggestions in the present.