Methexis Ensemble - Project "Women Composing in the Balkans"

Methexis Ensemble - Project "Women Composing in the Balkans"
Methexis Ensemble
logo, designed by Elpida Kokovidou
composers round-table, Vasilis Kitsos, Utami Easty, Rafaela Troulou, Anastasia Giamouzi, Maria Gouvali
Methexis Ensemble and the selected composers
Methexis Ensemble, Dora Alexiadou/violin, Iro Menegou/ piano, Alexis Pogrevnois/ clarinet, Artemis Vavatsika/ accordion
open rehearsals
poster, desinged by Elpida Kokovidou
Lecture ''Accordion for Composers'', Konstantinos Raptis
  • country:Greece
  • region:Balkan
  • style(s):Contemporary
  • label:not signed
  • type:Quartet
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:instrumental
  • artist posted by:Methexis Ensemble

Line up

  • Methexis Ensemble (accordion, clarinet, piano, violin)


Women Composing in the Balkans wish to encourage young female composers to introduce their work abroad, rehearse with new musicians and develop a network of young generation interpreters and composers in the Balkan area. The project was firstly addressed through a call for scores to composers from Greece, Bulgaria and Romania, aiming to include more balkan countries in the future. The selected compositions were performed by Methexis Ensemble, consisted of violin, clarinet, accordion and piano, giving prominence to the important role of these instruments in both traditional and contemporary music of the area.