Molyvos International Music Festival

Molyvos International Music Festival
View of Molyvos ©Francois Renaud
Concert time ©Akriviadis
Full House ©Akriviadis
Molyvos cobble streets @
Molyvos Musical Moment at the harbour ©Uwe Doerken
Lars Vogt in concert ©Olga Saliampoukou
Marlis Petersen in concert ©Olga Saliampoukou
Young Volunteers ©Thaleia Kympari
Double Bass ascends the castle ©Stratis Kouniaris
Full house ©Eleonora Pouwels
The young volunteers, the artists and the organising team celebrate at the end of the 2nd festival ©Charis Akriviadis
Educational programme ©Uwe Doerken
Educational programme ©Stratis Kouniaris
Educational programme ©Stratis Kouniaris
Edicational Programme ©Eleonora Pouwels
Educational programme ©Eleonora Pouwels
Rehearsing at the castle ©Stratis Kouniaris
Molyvos Musical Moment at the beach ©Sarah Papadopoulou
Molyvos Musical Moment at the agora ©Daniel Schroeter
Molyvos Musical Moment at the beach bar ©Olga Saliampoukou


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Molyvos International Music Festival (MIMF)

The Magic of Molyvos. A vision for Europe […]
"The full of music days at Molyvos allow a vision for Europe to be revealed: young, dynamic, playful but at the same time serious, aware of tradition.”
Tagesspiegel, 21 August 2016

This newly born classical music festival is organically growing to one of the most important development vehicles of the Greek island of Lesbos, bringing innovation for the region, creating inclusion in different fields by uniting people through the universal language of music

MIMF was created in 2015 by a small visionary team. Driven by their love for the island and the passion to make a unique dream come true they have managed to overcome the current difficulties that Greece faces, demonstrating how music can broaden horizons and unite people from all over the world. Within its two years of existence MIMF has had a strong impact on the local community and its international visitors. The Festival has become a symbol of hope and an example of what cooperation can achieve by motivating and involving the whole community of Molyvos, while at the same time building direct bridges between the island and abroad.

MIMF combines the magical atmosphere, all the beauty, resources and buildings that Molyvos has to offer with world-class classical music and merges exciting rising-stars alongside the biggest names in classical music. In addition to the evening open-air concerts at the Byzantine castle, it spreads the music, involves and captures the attention of all people with its unique, extraordinary “Musical Moments” (short interludes -free for all- that take place during the day at various places inside the village).

An equally powerful aspect of MIMF is its educational programmes taking place throughout the year aiming to unlock the phantasy, the sensibility, the creativity of children and young people and open new horizons through the magical world of music. The young people not only get introduced to classical music, but they get to organise by themselves concerts featuring some of Europe’s rising stars musicians, thus learning basic principles of cultural management and the importance of team work. So far a total of 2769 children have attended the festival’s educational programmes.

What the nominator wrote:
In its first two seasons the Festival has brought to the island committed artists from around the world. The established have worked with the younger in challenging programs built around a specific theme. Local community has been involved. The educational programmes of the festival running throughout the year have a powerful impact to the younger generations of the island.