Brigitta Muntendorf

Brigitta Muntendorf
Brigitta Muntendorf / photo credit Manfred Daams
iScreen, YouScream - Social Media Opera
Social Media Opera - Contemporary Conducting
Ballett fuer Eleven
Ballett fuer Eleven
Musician and Projection
City Dance Cologne - City Happening with the female police choir, brass ensemble, alphorns, DJ, string quartet and singer
Forever Overhead - Music Theatre at the Müllersche Volksbad Munic
Public Privacy #Aria
Public Privacy #2 Piano Cover
Hi Victim - Music theatre
Public Privacy #3.1. Trombone Cover
Bilderschlachten - Batailles d'Image
Brigitta Muntendorf


Trailer of the Social Media Opera, written for Ensemble Garage
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  • country:Germany
  • region:Western Europe
  • style(s):Electronic, Contemporary
  • label:Label? happy to be invented!
  • type:Composer/Songwriter
  • gender:female
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal, a cappella, electronic, percussion, visual, string, woodwind, brass, dance orchestra, piano, guitar, harp
  • artist posted by:Muntendorf, Brigitta

Line up

  • Brigitta Muntendorf (composer, performer, curator)


Muntendorf is an allrounder: Composer, curator, professor and artistic director. In her interdisciplinary work she focuses on the social and referential aspects of creating music. Topics of the individual, single or communal in the overwhelming sphere of digital culture and condition raise questions of musical function and ability of reflecting the status quo of humans: Where are we? Where do we go?

Muntendorf believes in the power of classical instruments and in the necessity to renew the contexts of their use - how can these instruments, that were built hundreds of years ago tell us something about our time, here and now? While she explores the dimension of acoustic sounds and electronics also in dialog with with other disciplines, she creates Social Media Operas, works with dancers as choirs, with orchestras as performers and explores the human being behind the instrument as well as the instrument by itself.

She writes articles about the Community of Practice, about the role of music as a respond to the digital revolution as well as to socio-political developments and Social Composing. Right now she develops a stage work together with the architect Sou Fujimoto and the choreographer Stephanie Thiersch to realize her vision of a self-sounding architecture, inhabited by dancers, singers, instrumentalists and orchestra to reflect music- and movement-based possibilities of creating contemporary communities and individuality.

Muntendorf sees her work as the artistic director of the Ensemble Garage (an ensemble for contemporary music consisting of 10 international musicians) and Frau Musica Nova (a concert series in cooperation with the German Broadcast to support extraordinary and future-oriented female composers and concert experiments) as a natural extension of her artistic thoughts.