MÚSICA VIVA International Management

Artist managers with a passion for promoting projects that make a difference in modern music industry.

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We encourage and support performers who believe in the power of creativity based on a deep knowledge of their musical heritage and a unique and unquestionable talent.

Our vision is of a broad space where every performer can express themselves, regardless of the musical style or the venue. If attracting and retaining audiences is the key to the future of our industry, then we should all focus on the natural renewal live music represents, and MUSICA VIVA aims to foster that effort. Live music and live artists as the only means to turn all music into something meaningful and truly contemporary.

We are proud to present three of our artists at Classical:NEXT 2021, each with a distinct background and musical language. All three are in a continuous search from their own artistic personality; tradition, jazz, classical and contemporary music come together in their creations. Be one of the first to learn about their new projects by booking an interview with us.


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  • Classical:NEXT 2019
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