Ynight - Classical in Club
Vilde Frang, David Orlowsky, Julien Quentin, E.Abelin, Valgeir Sigurdsson

  • event type: Concert
  • start date: 28 Feb 2013
  • end date: 01 Mar 2013
  • time: 20.30
  • city/area: Zurich/Switzerland
  • venue:BLOK club Zurich
  • country: Switzerland
  • style(s):
    • Electronic
    • Classical Music
  • event submitted by: Music:Eyes

Ynight - classical in club is a new format starting with a series of pilot events in Zurich, Switzerland. Each night explores a different interface of classical music with contemporary culture, be it visuals or various other styles of music. The ensemble performing is the Yband - an open ensemble designed to eventually come to live in different places, driven by different artists or ensembles. Artists performing in the pilot series include: Andreas Scholl, Vilde Frang, David Orlowsky, Julien Quentin, Judd Greenstein, Tamar Halperin, Etienne Abelin, Andreas Fleck, Michael Wendeberg, Robert Pickup, Bjoerk visualizer Stephen Malinowski, electronic music producers Valgeir Sigurdsson and Feldermelder plus various DJs and VJs.
Production by: classYcal network - new ways in classical music
Curated by: Etienne Abelin, Andreas Fleck and the classYcal community


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