Indie Classical Network Meeting at Sound of Stockholm

Indie Classical Network Meeting at Sound of Stockholm

Indie Classical Network Meeting during Sound of Stockholm, with Society of Swedish Composers

Report by Etienne Abelin

On Friday morning, Gabriel, Fabian and I had the chance to present the emerging indie classical network to interested Swedish presenters, city culture delegates and artists. We gave a quick overview of the history of the term IC and the way we understand it today, as a cluster of overlapping interests and values: combining substance and communication, crossing genres (post-genre music), dedication to education, the creation of „points of entry“ and community building, bridges to other art forms, performances in alternative venues, a spirit of co-operation, transparency and entrepreneurship. The audience was very interested and reacted quite enthusiastically - this whole concept seems to really hit a nerve for many. Subsequent discussions were interesting and raised a number of good questions - for example the one on how to navigate such new approaches with an existing institutional landscape that is often a bit reluctant to engage in unusual projects. Frank Veenstra of Cross-Linx Festival and Muziekgebouw Eindhoven, Holland, shared his experience on how shared initiatives are possible when a young generation of music managers are in charge in various institutions as is the case in Holland at the moment.

On Saturday, Gabriel and I gave a workshop to interested young Swedish musicians, shared our experience and learned from the participants about their projects that were often already really done in an indie classical spirit!

article posted by:Jana Schneider, Piranha Arts in the Worldwide Indie Classical Network Network