Netzwerk Junge Ohren

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The netzwerk junge ohren (Network of Young Ears) is the forum for experts and practitioners of music mediation in the German-speaking region. Actors from the fields of music, education, cultural policy and creative economy from Germany, Switzerland and Austria are gathered together within this organisation. The netzwerk junge ohren advises persons, projects and institutions in the area of music education & communication. Their aim is open up as many ways of access to music for as many people as possible with modern formats of musical practice. As a podium, the netzwerk junge ohren creates communicative structures between institutions and persons involved in musical life. The young team consisting of cultural managers and music mediators develops their own projects such as the junge ohren preis (Young Ears Prize) and the Young EARopean Award, and is a cooperation partner in various productions. The netzwerk junge ohren is financed by project work, contributions from members and participants as well as private and public third-party funds.

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  • Classical:NEXT 2014