• region:Western Europe
  • release year:2016
  • style(s):Classical Music
  • country:Germany
  • formats:CD (Compact Disc)
  • record posted by:Nieuw Geneco (Dutch Composers)
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In recent years, Calliope Tsoupaki is becoming increasingly loyal audience with their spiritual and ritual as a strong experienced by the audience music. The roots of their inspiration are the cradle of our civilization - she grew up in Greece. The power of her works lies in the intimacy and intensity, the long suspense, and the connections they know to put down. Appealing images and sensations are driving them and make their compositions to sounding Metaforen of life.
At first glance, we live in the age of snack content full of breathless presenters and rapidly changing content. Constantly we wipe quickly over the touch screen of our digital devices that flood us on their screens with a plethora of colors, pictures, movies and music. Even before the concert we check our messages yet quickly. But we remain people of flesh and blood with unfulfilled desires and hopes, full of hope, friends and suffering and with our faith in a vision of life or religion.
As a counterpoint to the flurry, incomprehensible urbanization and industrialization, which changed the lives around them, searched and found artists and writers of the 19th century comfort in the mysticism of the Middle Ages dreamed. Today we see since the 1970s in the extraordinarily successful music of composers such as Arvo Pärt a new recourse to the same Middle Ages. Meaningful new music often sheds new light on the past.
Also Calliope Tsoupaki feels at home in the Middle Ages. The music of this time is not only listed, but is also the subject of extensive research on ethnic music streams and the sound of music in their time.
In their opera productions for the Holland Festival succeeded Calliope Tsoupaki to reconcile two apparently very different kinds of music-making with each other, which could be summarily call the "learned" Western art music and improvised folk music. It was a great success: the opposite poles inspire each other. Just listen to how she manages to free the so important in the history of music genre string quartet by pretensions and fear of failure by returning the music for this wonderful combination of perfect craftsmanship way to the very core.

The first two completed in 2005 parts of be heard on this SACD trilogy have an otherworldly character; the listener floats outside of reality and feels for other dimensions outside of normal life. The last part of it - Eothinòn - is much more tangible, Calliope Tsoupaki calls him "paganistisch" (pagan). It is the result of a particular experiment, which took place in autumn 2012: The audience experienced this premiere a series of short pieces. The experimental nature of the works, the composer freed from the burden of having to add the string quartet literature another masterpiece. Together an adventure - that's the point! Music does not always need something to be out of the ordinary '. Let us not forget music is a craft, and the composer is not God in person, but a man , so Calliope Tsoupaki. This created Eothinòn, which premiered in its complete form in May, 2013.