Gaudeamus festival

''New Makers, New Music''

performance in Rotterdam, ''Hal4 aan de Maas'', 03.06.2017


Every year, 2 chosen graduates from Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and the Hague conservatories, come together in order to present their work in a concert, during Gaudeamus festival.

The piece ''Grey earth serpent'' is a vocal piece for 4 male singers and bourdon.

from the program notes:

''Were it an image, it would be four peasants coming out of the path that Dante and Virgil walked on. They instinctively narrate what they experienced, in any way each of them can. The instrumental bourdon lays the earth on which the story finds its roots.
Based on Dante's Inferno, the piece could be compared to a lamento, with singers who, gradually, use their own expression and imagination, in order to wander through the sound.
The singers are, deliberately, all composers, aiming at a mature inner understanding of the forces that constitute the piece.''