"VERGEHEN (Passing)" - Mathis Nitschke

Mathis Nitschke
VERGEHEN (Passing) Album Art


an opera you have to walk
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  • artist:Mathis Nitschke
  • featured artist:Sarah Aristidou, Anja Lechner, Mathis Nitschke
  • release year:2016
  • style(s):Electronic, Contemporary
  • country:Germany
  • formats:Audio File / Digital,
  • record posted by:Nitschke, Mathis
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an opera you have to walk

Imagine that you take a walk at the river Isar in Munich. Your smartphone starts a conversation, involving you in a discourse about memories and the past. Are you capable of shaping your future memories?

„Vergehen“ (Passing) is an opera you have to walk. To experience it, you download an app (Android or iOS). By using its GPS receiver the smartphone knows where in this world you are located right now. The app is using this piece of information to play site-specific music.

The text as well as the music were synchronized by Mathis Nitschke exactly to the chosen way from the cascades below the Maximilianeum over the bridge called “Kabelsteg” to the Museumsinsel, so that the public space is turning into a stage design. The local conditions are reflected in the words, just like the music processes the sounds of the environment; a path from one rushing sound of water to the next one, from noise to noise.

The download or CD version reflects one of the many possible audio walks. As the app adapts the music to the position, direction of movement and walking speed of the flaneur, no opera walk will be like the one before.

Musically, „Vergehen“ combines the classical voice of Sarah Aristidou with a hybrid of acoustic and processed cello played by Anja Lechner, analogue techno electronics and digital sound art by Mathis Nitschke. At times bringing to mind the drive of popular electric cello ensembles, then paying homage to the heritage of musique concrète, then again delivering allusions to jazz and world music, composer Mathis Nitschke doesn’t tie himself down to one genre.

Using special miking techniques and the latest binaural filters for the production lead to a 3D audio experience that is optimized for headphones, yet fully compatible to speakers.

To be released spring 2016 as an app for iOS and Android. For further announcements, please sign up to my newsletter at