Line up

  • Leon Michener (prepared piano)

If you’re hoping to hear Chopin and Debussy when Leon Michener sits down at the piano, you will be sorely disappointed. Michener – better known as Klavikon – plays the piano like a DJ behind his decks, coaxing beats and grooves and melodic accompaniment using only his hands and feet. ‘It’s my synthesiser. It’s my sampler. It’s my machine,’ Michener told an interviewer for ‘Vice.’ To that end, Michener tweaks the piano’s hardware by adding wiring and cables, toying with the strings, and manipulating the sound board into his own effects rig. The result is a performance equally at home in the club or concert hall. Klavikon is a triumph of traditions: one based on classical melody and structures, and another rooted in the equally storied history of techno music. It may sound like a mismatch, but the results are disarming and inspiring.




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