Notte e Giorno

Notte e Giorno is a interdisciplinar arts company set in Barcelona and creates original classical music productions.

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Notte e Giorno is a performing arts company set in Barcelona and creates original classical music productions about the contemporary essence of the human soul. Notte e Giorno’s shows gather ancient, classical and contemporary music with theater, art painting, reciting, dancing, video-art, art perfume, performance, etc. The company’s productions have been shown only in Catalonia for the moment, but are at the point to be internationalised.

Antonio Fajardo (manager) and Paz Jiménez (coordination) are the core of Notte e Giorno. Besides them, the company collaborates with a wide team of artistic production that define its policies: Anaïs Oliveras, Mariona Llobera, Edwin García, Jordi Pérez Solé, Sílvia Subirós, Toni Puljic, Montserrat Miralles, Eulàlia Fantova, Berta Vidal, Matthew Thomson, Ulrike Haller, Mireia Tarragó, Josep Buforn, Enric Arquimbau, Dolça Cos, Jordi Maddaleno i a long et caetera.

Life without music would be an error. (F. Nietsche)

​Notte e Giorno has been producing interdisciplinary plays more than three years. Each of their projects is born from an expressive need of performing a repertoire with a new format. Each of them is exploring classical music and making it grow thanks to the gathering of the Arts.

To our spectators music is a festive life experience where to think about the contemporary world. We take a commitment with our social environment asking it to look itself on the mirror so that a reflection on the social animal we are can be grown up.

Notte e Giorno is looking for excellence in its performances as well as a non-only-aesthetic pleasure for the audience. We believe that the social breakthrough for contemporary societies can be sustained opening new eyes for interdisciplinary art. That’s the first goal of Notte e Giorno.



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