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A democratic classical cooperative,non-profit and artist-controlled label and concert association, promoting new artists and fresh repertoire.

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company description

In three years, our non-profit cooperative has attracted an eclectic group of artists, united by excellent musicianship and an adventurous approach to repertoire, creating albums that speak for themselves musically.

Our artists are selected through our democratic blind judging platform, ANONYMUZE.com, which means that our catalogue is based purely on outstanding musicality rather than image, publicity or background.

That's what makes Odradek different: putting music, and musicians, first.

10 ensembles ● 11 women ● 11 men ● 17 countries ● and counting!

Starting September 2015 we will launch our jazz label. In Fall 2016 we are planning to launch a world imprint as well. Please get in touch if you are interested.

Odradek also offers a series of white label services, chief among them, GHOSTLABEL.net. Please inquire for more information.

The label is based in the USA and Italy but has global outreach and activity. Launched in May 2012, within months an artist was named “BBC Music Magazine Newcomer of the Year”, and since then the good reviews have not stopped. Our roster grows by one artist per month on average, already from over 17 countries.

We are a democratic, non-profit, artist-controlled cooperative label, organized to separate music-making from market concerns. Our A&R decisions are made directly by the roster members, democratically evaluating anonymously submitted demos through our custom-built online platform ANONYMUZE.com.

Our goal is to create a system of meritocratic evaluation analogous to the peer review process used in science - a method that is both fair and can reliably produce artistically strong albums with real cultural relevance, giving a credible voice to real talent.

"If Odradek carries on at this level, it should have a few more award-winners on its hands." - David Nice

Odradek artist Mei Yi Foo recipient of BBC Music Magazine Newcomer of the Year award.

“The artists are not widely known and the music is serious – from Schoenberg to Gubaidulina. But the quality is outstandingly high and the mission statement is nothing short of utopian... It sounds almost too good to be true. All we can say so far, after hearing Pina Napolitano play Schoenberg’s complete piano works, is that it’s very good indeed – and very real.
We wish Odradek every success.”
--Norman Lebrecht

“Renew or die. In times like these where the traditional music market has bottomed out and is slowly dying, original and imaginative projects are necessary that allow musicians to continue to grow artistically and their fans enjoy talent outside of traditional circuits. And so a few months ago in the United States Odradek Records was born...”
--Ritmo, January 2013

“Lovers of classical piano music have another reason to celebrate thanks to a radical new music label”
--Piano Street






  • Mei Yi Foo

    country:United Kingdom

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