Guido Bäumer & Aladár Rácz

Guido Bäumer & Aladár Rácz
Guido Bäumer + Aladár Rácz
  • country:Iceland
  • style(s):20th Century, Contemporary
  • label:Odradek Records
  • type:Duo
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental, piano
  • artist posted by:Odradek Records

Line up

  • Aladár Rácz (piano)
  • Guido Bäumer (saxophone )

Guido Bäumer Saxophone

Guido Bäumer was born in Germany.

At young age he entered the Musikhochschule in Bremen, Germany, obtaining a teaching degree for saxophone and flute. Guido then studied at the Musikhochschule Basel in the concert class of Prof. Iwan Roth, where he achieved a concert diploma par excellence for saxophone.
After that Guido completed a post-graduate degree from the Bowling Green State University of Ohio, USA, achieving the honored “artist certificate” .
He has participated in various masterclasses and has been a participant and a winner of several competitions in Germany and France.
Guido is a member of the Icelandic Saxophone Quartet that has been active since 2006 and is very well renowned in Iceland. In addition, Guido plays with diverse chamber-music groups and orchestras in Iceland, such as Caput-Neue Musikensemble and the Iceland Symphony Orchestra.

Aladár Rácz Piano

Aladár Rácz was born in Bucharest, Romania, from Hungarian roots.

He started his music education at the „Georges Enescu“ music school in Bucharest and then moved on to the Music-Academy in Bucharest.
After completing his degree, he soon completed his post-graduate studies at the Music-Academy in Budapest, Hungary.
Aladár participated in various masterclasses and is a participant and winner of international competition, for example in Spain and Italy.
Aladár takes an active part in Icelandic music life in various ways and plays as a soloist, a chamber-musician and as an accompanist. He has for example performed Brahms Piano-Concert Nr. 1 and Beethovens Piano-Concert Nr. 1 with the North-Iceland Symphony Orchestra.