Operadagen Rotterdam

Operadagen Rotterdam
  • country:Netherlands
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  • Operadagen Rotterdam (Festival)


Operadagen Rotterdam is an annual, ten day international festival for music theatre and opera. Artistic director is Guy Coolen. The festival is a collaboration of several cultural institutes in Rotterdam: concert hall de Doelen, Theatre Rotterdam, Luxor Theatre, Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra and Rotterdam Festivals. It servers not only aficionados but also a new audience for the genre.

What the nominator wrote:
Thanks to Operadagen (Opera Days in English), the Dutch (and hopefully an increasingly international) audience understands that opera is much more than Wagner and Puccini. This audience friendly festival presents boundary-crossing performances, often with an actual theme such as refugees and equality. The line up encompasses a wide range of performing arts, from sound walks, folky comedies and live games to state of the art music theatre by top directors such as Christoph Marthaler. Does this open and searching attitude regarding the boundaries of opera has to do with the fact that Rotterdam has no opera house of itself? However, it's no surprise that Operadagen attracts more visitors each year.