ORSO - Orchestra & Choral Society

Large ensemble of choir and orchestra focussing on special, extraordinary concert concepts in classical and crossover music.

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A huge body of sound with over 200 members! A substantial symphony orchestra with ma- ny sections, along with a rock band and a large mixed choir: together these make up an en- semble that is unique in Germa- ny to date. A variety of soloists from the realms of rock and pop, musical and opera rounds off the remarkable combination.
ORSO fascinates its audiences with its richly scored versions of rock classics within a sympho- nic idiom, all of which are arranged specially for this vast and varied group of musicians. An impressive lightshow comple- ments the musical side of the entertainment.
As a spectacle of sound and light, ORSO brings together not only a huge variety of different instruments but fuses a tre- mendous spectrum of different musical styles within the indivi- dual pieces. The programmes also include a range of pieces in more recognizable formats, such as rock classics, film mu- sic, tender solo ballads and fun- ky swing numbers.
What inspired ORSO's musical director to set up this ensemble was the desire to confront "pure" classical concertgoers with rock music while opening up the boundless possibilities of symphonic music to a wide audience.



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