'3 thousand RIVERS' a multimedia opera


Taita Marcelino Chicunque for 3thousandRIVERS3 thousand RIVERS premiere at Gulbenkian Foundation Lisbon 2016soprano Yetzabel Arias Fernandes 3 thousand RIVERS premiere in LisbonJaime Lopez Kiryiateke, Muina-Muira singer, dancer in the Caquetá river, Colombiasoprano singer Betty Garcés from Buena Ventura, ColombiaWaira Nina Jakanamijoy, Inga singer and dancer from Yurayaku, Caquetá, Colombiapremiere at the Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon 6th May 2016
'3 thousand RIVERS' a multimedia opera

Taita Marcelino Chicunque for 3thousandRIVERS

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